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What is Mitigation?

“Mitigation is any cost-effective action that reduces or eliminates the long-term risk of damage to buildings, manufactured homes and other structures or property from flooding or other natural hazard impacts.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mitigation Grants: Am I eligible for a grant?

FEMA mitigation grants are generally available to local governments rather than individual property owners. NCEM alerts local government officials including Emergency Management Coordinators, Planning Directors and Local Flood Plain Administrators when notices of funds availability and funding priority guidance is received. Refer to the list of local points of contact, or contact your State Hazard Mitigation Officer for further information.

What are some common mitigation measures?

Many structural and non-structural mitigation measures have been identified and include:
  • Purchase of insurance
  • Landscaping measures
  • Installation of flood vents
  • Elevation of HVAC and other machinery or utilities
  • Wet Flood Proofing
  • Dry Flood Proofing (generally confined to commercial structures)
  • Structural elevation (raising foundations)
  • Acquisition/Demolition (the buy-out)
  • Mitigation Reconstruction (replacement programs)
  • Storm Water Management Activities
  • Stream Restoration
Your local point of contact should be able to help you identify appropriate measures and assist you with questions concerning local permitting requirements. Your homeowner’s or mobile home policy agent should be able to answer questions about insurance coverage.

I signed up for a mitigation project—what’s the status of my application?

Mitigation projects are managed at a local level, your first contact should be with the local agency that helped you complete an application. See the list of links above.